The IITMLUG T-Shirt. 

With inputs from many people, megabytes of discussions on the mailing list, and some GIMPing by Prasanna, Arun and me, the IITM Linux Users’ Group T-Shirt for this year is “ready”! It’s based on this star wars catchphrase “May the Force be with you”. A little googling gives you a Penguin that holds a Light Saber with text around it that reads “May the Source be with you”! I’m assuming that the above work is released by its author into public domain. Ich verstehe nur einbischen Deutsch, und Google Translate ist schlimm – but I think that’s what he meant in that page. If someone knows better German, please do help me! Of course, I hope that the logo is just as open source as what it depicts, and I guess it will be (because I’ve seen the same stuff in many other sites) So here’s the design:

Front of the new IITMLUG T-Shirt

That’s the front side of the T-Shirt. It carries in the circle a rather inconspicuous version of our IITMLUG “logo”. And this is the back side:

Back of the IITMLUG T-Shirt

As you can see, I’ve made quite a few modifications to the original logo. Again, I hope that it has been permitted by the author. Tell me ASAP if you find out that isn’t the case!

I’d love to wear this T-Shirt for sure. Orders will be open very soon, so if anyone is interested in one, meet me.