MCabber DBus Glue / Filter patch 

I decided to send out my unclean DBus / filter code for MCabber to the author as it is, because I knew I’d postpone cleaning it up ad infinitum, that too with the GSoC thread running with a rather low niceness value. So I’m putting the link up here as well. Do let me know if you make any improvements to this, so that I can use the new code as well ;-).

You should find the tarball containing all changes [except that to the Makefile] to mcabber-0.9.5 here.

Put the dbusglue.* and filter.* files into the src/ directory and edit the Makefile to include these. Apply the patch mcabber-patch [You may have to do it manually, because I didn’t take much care to do the diff correctly. In fact, I don’t know how to diff folder contents correctly, and any help towards this will be appreciated] and compile.

You can find an ugly mcabber-remote written using DBus for this patched version of mcabber 0.9.5 here. I use a small script to set my current playing track (retrieved from polling mocp -i at appropriate intervals. Google: there’s a script by someone to do this for pidgin or some other client) as my Google Talk status periodically using the same mcabber-remote.