Concert by VVS, Saarang 2008 Classical Nite. 

(23rd Jan 2008)

This time, Saarang 2008’s classical nite was a concert by Violin Maestro Prof. V. V. Subramaniam accompanied by his son and disciple Sri V V S Murari on the Violin, Sri Tiruvarur M Bhaktavatsalam on the mRdaNgam, and Vykom Sri Gopalakrishnan on the ghaTam.

Prof VVS initially played light songs like vAtApi (hamsadhwani), parAtpara (vAcaspati). On of the best pieces was janani ninnuvinA in rItigauLe. The main piece, SrI vaLLi dEvasenApatE in naTabhairavi was excellent. The taniyAvartanam was very good, needless to say.

There was a nice kRti in bEhAg followed by a KavaLi cindu and finally a sindhubhairavi kRti.

It was nice to listen to a concert at the OAT!