Another pair of Concerts 

This time it was the Hyderabad brothers and Sri Sangeetha Kalanidhi N. Ramani.

The Hyderabad brothers were simply amazing! The accompaniments were very good as well. They started off with the nATTaikurinji varNam. Dasharathi in tODi was amazing and it was followed by a rather-funny sounding fast song in some rAga which I found similar to senjuruTi and taraNgiNI, and then an RTP in latANgI.

To walk into the Woodlands Hotel Auditorium (Valayapatti Kaashyapa Naadhalaya) after listening to a concert in the Music Academy TTK hall was horrible. The acoustics of a banquet hall are completely unsuitable for a concert. The reverb was simply too much. In addition to that, the flute was given excess volume, IMO. Me and Prasanna were kind-of turned off… we went out for sometime and then got back in, this time choosing a seat as far away from the speakers as possible. Minus the horrible acoustics, everything else was par excellence. The main piece was a familiar krti in tODi (Don’t know the sAhityam). I was unable to “understand” the taniyAvartanam – the acoustics added to this. Somehow, the same hall was less worse (but still, bad) for MSG’s concert yesterday – maybe it was the volume. Sri Ramani ended with popular songs like Ennathapam in kApi, tIrAdaviLayATTu (rAgamAlikai) and the film hit kARRiniley varum – all sounded amazing on the flute. He also played the popular tillAna in bEhAg composed by lAlguDi jayarAman. The other song I had heard before amongst those he played was gajAnanAyutam gaNESwaram in cakravAkam. There was also a krti in kAnaDa and one in mOhanam.