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  • Akarsh Simha 1:51 am on October 16, 2008 Permalink
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    Memories of aKademy 2008 

    I was browsing through Flickr photostreams tagged by aKademy2008. Finally, I found, what is currently (till Anurag uploads all the photos he shot) the sole photo of mine from aKademy.

    Here’s a photo by Mr. Park (Korean KDE Developer, from his photostream) at Brussels Centraal Station, where we parted. Left to Right are Me, Pradeepto, Anurag and Mr. Park.
    Returning from aKademy 2008
    [ (c) 2008 Mr. Park “segfault” Joon-Kyu. ]

    And this is possibly the only “proper” photo I have on the internet. :D. Thanks Park!

  • Akarsh Simha 1:02 pm on September 3, 2008 Permalink
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    I was at aKademy 2008 

    Ah, finally some time to waste on a blog post, because I have absolutely nothing productive that I want to do (I have lots of productive things I must do, but I don’t want to. Eg: Read for the quiz tomorrow) right now. The USNO NOMAD 1e8 star catalog is slowly trickling into the MySQL database at 1700 stars per second on my system (which I fsckin don’t have access to because of pathetic internet connectivity measures in IITM campus. I can’t even get a progress update) and the 20-hour long process should complete in another 2 hours, after which I should be running the week long process of putting that data in a binary file, while I’m trying to forget the heat of the quiz tomorrow and waste my time on blogging.

    The content of this and the subsequent blog posts here (if at all they come) should be about my sudden trip to aKademy 2008. I think this is a story worth writing in great detail about, because it was very exciting:

    1. It involved planning a foreign trip in 5 hours’ time (at some stage)
    2. It involved some VISA application transport hassles
    3. It involved several brick walls [Ref. Randy Pausch, the Last lecture] and talks about how Pradeepto managed to push me up each one of them (of course, with my volunteering)
    4. It was my first foreign trip alone – I learnt a lot, and it was a whole new experience for me
    5. I met a whole bunch of KDE folks and did a good amount (I think) of stuff for KStars 😀 😀 😀

    So this blog post is just to inform those who didn’t know, that I was at aKademy 2008, Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Belgium for exactly 2 out of 7 days. [Yes, it _is_ crazy]

    I got the idea of going to aKademy 2008 after reading a mail from Thiago saying that we GSoC students could attend aKademy. I spoke to Pradeep, Pradeepto, Pradeeptoto, Pradeeptototo and so on… (nay, Pradeep’s my dad and Pradeepto’s the chap who was my baby-sitter at Belgium), took their advice and decided that I must not go this year, in the purview of aKademiKs and various other factors (despite my dad agreeing to let me go).

    Suddenly I had a change of mind and decided to go – this was on 2nd August 2008. aKademy was starting on 9th August 2008. I called Pradeepto and my dad alternately leading to a drop in my prepaid balance by about 200 INR :O.

    Pradeepto convinced me that I could still make it on time. The same evening, I flew to Bangalore in 2 hours’ notice and went home. Next day, in Bangalore, I applied for my VISA at the Bangalore VFS Global Center. Believe me, they suck. On Thursday, I generally relaxed, commited to KStars, got mentally prepared etc. Friday morning, I left to Mumbai and went to the VFS Global Center at Nariman Point. What a pathetic waste it was. The courier from Bangalore to Mumbai that carried my VISA application was delayed by a day, thereby not reaching the consulate before Friday. @#$@#(*%^(*@#(!$*(@%*#$%

    On Friday, I got a negative response, flew back to Bangalore. Went back to Chennai on Sunday morning. Finished recovering from missed “Analog Circuits” classes.

    [Timeout on server. More later. Have to go]

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