A list of my good friends, providing some information about them. This is in no order of “preference”, and is not exhaustive either. πŸ˜€

Ananda Theertha

Theertha is absolute genius, when it comes to intuitive understanding of something. This guy acts like a kid sometimes. Very friendly, nice guy. Interning under Prof. Vasanth Natarajan this summer. Our branch topper.

Kumar Appaiah

Kumar is my FOSS-guru. He’s taught us a lot of things, helps us out with all the trouble we encounter with our Linux systems. He’s a staunch supporter of Debian and contributes to Debian during his free time. Looks like a typical Iyer.

Vikram S V

SVV, as we usually call him, happens to be the guy who designed most of the websites around the institute. A KDE lover , enthu about Physics (to some extent), and a nice person. Advocates FOSS ;-).

Pavan Keshavamurthy

Pavan has been a really good friend ever since we met online, thanks to his Astronomy @ Bangalore community on Orkut. It didn’t take me long to realise that he was yet another of those geniuses who happened to miss out on JEE. He’s absolutely a genius when it comes to Web Development and Web Technologies – the way he plans out a website solution is simply amazing! Shares a lot of my hobbies – Amateur Astronomy, Photography, Indian Classical Music, Being Geek. However, unlike me, he has a life.

Prasanna Ramaswamy

Shares most of my interests. Very nice person, with a very good character. Can get very playful at times. Enthu about Amateur Astronomy, Photography, Linux and FOSS, Carnatic Music. He recently gave his first Chitraveena Concert!

Vikram Srinivas

This guy has amazing literary skills. Keeps reading all the time (when he’s not playing some weird game with the comp). Has a very good understanding of the life sciences. Very creative person.

Samarth Rangavittal

This guy is two years junior to me, but a very good friend. Very creative, has an excellent vocabulary, and an entertaining sarcastic tone. Thinks it is something great to be in an IIT.

Shashank H J

My partner in astrophotography, we usually take manually tracked film exposures and think there’s no fun like it in the digital world. We work using low funda technology – which includes my Film SLR camera and a mutilated Celestron Firstscope with a binocular hanging on the counterweight to balance the camera. He shares an interest in Physics and Amateur Astronomy. Friendly guy.

Srinidhi Tirupattur

A friend from school days, studied together in college, are studying together at IITM. Very nice person. His notes are very popular amongst EE and EP students and he doesn’t mind helping out others with his notes (non-RG). Loves filter coffee at Tifanys, likes Debian GNU/Linux, enjoys paining me. I remember the time when Pavan and Srinidhi got together on Yahoo! Messenger and killed me.

Amar A Sharma

This guy is crazy at most times. Especially when he tells me ‘Akarsh, you seem to have ditched your observing partner’ (referring to himself). Hypersensitized ISO 7200 eyes. You’ll never find a more passionate Amateur Astronomer. Hopes to discover Comet Sharma. Has decided to try the old-fashioned astrophotography that Shashank and I do. Famous for his bloopers like “Who is APOD?” or “Venus is rising in the West”. BAS is planning to have an archive of his bloopers sometime.

Prakash Mohan

Two years younger, and yet didn’t get ragged. Very affectionate, friendly and crazy character. Really really kiddish. Brags about himself sarcastically :-P. Enthu about everything, wants to put his hand into everything under the sun. Hallucinates objects at the telescope’s eyepiece very easily and believes that he has Hypersensitized ISO 7200 eyes as well, although he doesn’t :-P. FOSS contributor and confirmed g33k (who codes when he is veTTi).

N G Srinivas

The God. Lives in the neighbouring room. A genius. Doesn’t get much time for extra-curricular activities (other than paining me and getting pained by me) and limits himself to co-curricular activities. Part of THE programmers’ team that rocked in most of the competitions at Shaastra 2007. The Wing counsellor and one of the wing’s average CGPA lifters.

Arun Tejaswi Chaganty

Yet another God. Absolutely multi-dimensional. The Geek and the cool guy. Puts enthu in everything. Very enthusiastic about FOSS development, and a FOSS contributer now. A source of inspiration and information for all FOSS enthusiasts. Writes very clean code, knows every library under the sun, highly multilingual (Python, C++, C#, C, Java, JavaScript, PHP – need I say more). Active member of the LUG. Rare to have darshan of.

Prashanth M G

My first partner in “cheste” – shares most of my interests: anything to do with computer hardware, geek gadgets, electronics, astronomy, and spirituality. Happens to be 6 years elder to me. A very loving cousin. Can make you laugh continuously for hours together with his wise-cracks that are very intelligently cooked up and delivered at the right moment. Along with his younger brother Praveen (who is equally talented in this field) and elder sister Prathima, he’ll ensure that you can never stop laughing.

Utkarsh Simha

A very loving brother; loves to crib about what an idiot I am when I’m around, but misses me when I amn’t there. Uses Linux, but has a life – unlike me. Already had a girl in his class proposing to him. Very enthu about sports, computer software, music, and getting scolded by teachers at school (and mom at home). Has a huge gang of friends.

Naveen Sharma

Very good flautist. Genius at Physics. EP :D. Loves to ponder about the Lagrangian for a Chemical System. Very good writer too, and very good at anagrams. His blog is very entertaining and a must-read. Uses Linux and plans to contribute shortly. Always enthu for any FOSS-related activities.

Sanjeev Sripathi

The tuple (Manga, Anime, Linux, FOSS, Hapkido) describes him almost completely. Happens to be the Wing-Grub stock-house.

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