A terribly disappointing TSE2009

This trip to Dibrugarh was the most miseventful and depressing trip so far in my life, IMO. Never have I felt so disappointed before. Dibrugarh neither turned out to have a good lot of scenic travel options around, nor did we get to see the eclipse of the century – the 3.5 minute totality predicted at Dibrugarh. All we got to see was the Brahmaputra, and the darkening of the cloudy, overcast skies during the totality (and the random behaviour of birds).

The only “perks” of the trip were insignificantly few – that of having a brief look at Kolkata, some good photographs involving dragon flies, the Brahmaputra, spiders and tea plantations, and some time spent away from the computer, with friends. Not enough and not worth it – just like several of those recent Hosahalli trips under overcast skies.

Besides, I hate travelling without good company – sitting doing nothing in the flight, for example. All I can do is to crib and compose this post, so that I can vent out some frustration of an untriumphant waste of a journey at the least, and ease myself a bit.

Over all, it was really disappointing to go all the way for absolutely nothing. This was much worse than that pathetic, most pointless visit to Kavalur that happened last year around the same time (which I did not blog about), which was much better in that I did not miss any significant event. These are the times when you start becoming agnostic… Wish I were in Varanasi with Amar and Vivek instead.

I amn’t alone – all of us were really disappointed. Particularly the two Pavans who calculatedly (and I say their arguments were logical!) changed the venue from Varanasi, which we had initially planned, to Dibrugarh. I don’t blame them for anything, because their reasons to favour Dibrugarh were absolutely sensible. Many folks pointed out that Dibrugarh was at a cloud-cover maximum as per predictions, but then Patna, which was at a predicted=cloud-cover minimum, had only overcast skies. It’s just our bad lack… really bad luck.

I guess I will be making a lot of trips to Argentina just to compensate… at the least I will end up visiting and exploring a foreign country instead of a boring, hot, and monotonously Indian town.

I’m currently at an enthusiasm minimum, so don’t expect any trip photos in the near future.