Summer Project Decided!

Yes! šŸ˜€

This summer, as I stated in an earlier blogpost, I’m going to be working under Prof. Spenta Wadia and Prof. Avinash Dhar at TIFR as a part of VSRP 2009.

I met Prof. Wadia today and decided the details of my project. I will be doing a “pure” fluid dynamics project, at least on the outset. Prof. Wadia’s group has discovered a new symmetry in the Navier-Stokes equations that was unknown earlier, and my summer project will be closely connected to that.

So far, my initial task is to read the book on “Turbulence” by U. Frisch. It’s quite amazing that concepts from the Dynamical Systems course that I did under Prof. V Balakrishnan last semester are used in this book’s description of turbulence, and I’m glad I did that course. Somehow, it turns out that I can understand that book, although I feel that it is of a pretty advanced level (it’s meant for graduate first years, but we’ve done those required courses now anyway). Frisch also discusses the symmetries in the Navier Stokes equations pretty neatly. I’m still going through the second chapter and will need an understanding of 6th chapter for my work – so there’s some good lot of reading coming up. But the book is really interesting. He presents intuition and phenomenology when required.

Overall, I’m happy with the project.