Quite a few bugs fixed, half-finished features polished, and patches commited

Today, I took time off to work on KStars after a long time. I had a lot of pending maintainance tasks that I needed to finish off, and I reserved Saturday for that.

KStars now displays the Large Magellanic Cloud in the find dialog, and has the required backends to calculate comets’ tail lengths. Now, all we need is someone to give those comets a nice, realistic look ;-). Many thanks to Alexey Khudyakov, and Jain Basil Aliyas for their contributions. I had yet another interesting patch waiting to be commited, but unfortunately, Vipul Kumar Singh who sent in the patch forgot to add a few files to version control. Will blog about that when it arrives! 🙂

I also got the KDE build environment running on my desktop, so that I can do more in lesser time – without having to boot my laptop. With academics taking the front seat, it is unlikely that I will have a lot of time on my hands for KStars for the next one year and so every minute matters! I have also updated the KStars GSoC ideas page – removed some lesser important ideas and added more details to some of those project ideas. We seem to have some really motivated SoC students waiting to work on those.

Given that I will be coding infrequently for a while, it would be really nice if we had more contributors. I hope I will be able to chunk out some time to list out some junior jobs / pending tasks in KStars which would be really useful is completed. This might also be good proving grounds for GSoC aspirants.

It’s rather satisfying to strike off a lot of pending tasks from your TODO list (in my case, that’s mails in my inbox!). Along with a good number of KStars tasks completed today, this week has been rather fruitful for me with a lot of academic backlog completed. I’m now roughly up-to-date with my General Relativity and Dynamical Systems courses. Within a week’s time, I should probably be done with all my backlog and start working on something exciting.

Well, it’s time to get off the computer and get to the bed now! (I must thank Pradeepto for explaining that I shouldn’t be lazy to blog about progress in KStars.)