flickrfs trouble – and fixes

I was rather frustrated that flickrfs was not working when I most wanted it.

While the Debian version worked fine at home, it was not working from IITM’s network, so I decided to try the CVS version.

I followed the steps outlined by Manish here to obtain the CVS version. The filesystem got mounted but there was not /sets directory, as reported here. I applied the suggested patch and it seemed to work.

Even the latest release did not work, even with the above mentioned patch. It gave the following error:

02/01/09 17:35:16 ERROR Exception in function <bound method Flickrfs.__sync_set_in_background of >
02/01/09 17:35:16 ERROR Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 100, in _log_exception_wrapper
func(*args, **kw)
File "", line 314, in __sync_set_in_background
psetOnline = self.transfl.getPhotosFromPhotoset(set_id)
File "/home/akarsh/devel/flickrfs-1.3.9/", line 357, in getPhotosFromPhotoset
for p in rsp.photoset[0].photo:
AttributeError: XMLNode instance has no attribute 'photo'

Hope this helps 🙂