KDE @ FOSS.IN/2008 – I’m Missing it. :-( 

Last year, I was at FOSS.IN and this played a major factor in increasing my enthusiasm for FOSS contribution. I saw and met a whole bunch of FOSS Developers, primarily KDE and Debian contributors, particularly Till Adam (KDE), Kartik Mistry (KDE.IN, Debian) and Christian Perrier (Debian) and that really drove me to contribute. The same night, I went back and built KDE 4.x on my desktop, which I had ‘given up’ after some stage earlier. Thereafter, I produced patches more frequently than earlier.

This year, I really wanted to go to FOSS.IN – It’d have been a ‘debut’ as a “developer” – but the schedule of end-semester examinations at my college matches perfectly with that of FOSS.IN, preventing every FOSS enthusiast / developer here from attending the event.

That the KDE.IN team has done a lot more this year than the last is very obvious. This time we had a significant number of people helping with the planning. I have been out of the loop this semester, unfortunately, due to academic work (or so I claim. Anyway, it was a general observation amongst my friends that I was more ‘serious’ when it comes to academics this semester), and didn’t help much with the planning. But the signs are very clear that it is going to be bigger and better than last time.

Recently, there were these ‘Pillars of KDE’ posters that the KDE.IN team made for FOSS.IN and they’re put up here in Pradeepto’s blog. Like the transition from KDE 3.x to KDE 4.x, at first sight, the posters seem to have gathered a significant amount of ‘visual appeal’ from FOSS.IN/2007 to FOSS.IN/2008. Kudos to Kamaleshwar Morjal for such brilliant posters!

Waiting for FOSS.IN to start. There’ll be a lot of live blogging, as usual, I presume.