Hello (KDE) World

This is (hopefully) my first post on Planet KDE! I didn’t know that we could have ourselves aggregated on Planet KDE with an svn commit until I “accidentally” stumbled upon the “Add your blog” link while adding Planet KDE to the RSSNOW plasmoid. I wish to introduce myself to Planet KDE through this post.

Yes, I hadn’t been in touch with the KDE world for long and only lurked in #kdeedu or posted on kstars-devel@kde.org, until I made it to the last 2 days of aKademy 2008 (thank you Bart, Kenny, Wendy, Pradeepto!), which I thoroughly enjoyed!

So who am I? Not getting philosophical, I’m called Akarsh Simha in the real world, kstar on IRC, and asimha on the SVN, and am a student pursuing the BTech programme in Engineering Physics at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (“IITM”), India. I have currently finished two out of four years of my course and am running on the third. I plan to pursue a career in Theoretical Physics. Programming / Software Development is one of my “primary” hobbies, the other being Amateur Astronomy.

I develop for KStars and was a Google Summer of Code (2008) student under KDE, mentored by Jason Harris. I’m a not-so-active member of the KDE India community.