FOSS Events for Students @ Shaastra 2008

This time, we’re going to have a bunch of FOSS Events at the annual Technical Festival of IIT Madras, Shaastra 2008.

So what’s in store? A small FOSS developers’ Conference with a few talks by Indian FOSS Developers, with a large bias to students, and a Hackfest where folks can sit and hack open source projects.

For the talks, we have Shreyas, Dr. Kapil, Sup3rkiddo, myself and Arun as of now. This list might increase, considering that we have 6 hours of talks to fill. More details on the FOSS Conference can be found here. The only prerequisite for being able to appreciate these talks is enthusiasm and probably some familiarity with FOSS. Shreyas, Arun and Dr. Kapil will guide you through the rest.

Prepare to stay awake through the nights of 2nd and 3rd October, for we are going to sit and hack on FOSS till we drop at the Hackfest. Tentatively, the projects that are going to be hacked on are Anjuta, KStars, Whatever-Shreyas-wants-to-hack-on, OpenMoko and Debian GNU/Linux. That’s because we will have developers on spot to aid in these areas.

I just wanted to make some of my comments on the events. I think Hackfests are important. I notice that I do large “quanta” of development everytime I get to sit at a Hackfest – like the KDE.IN Monsoon Hackathon or the one at aKademy. I hope this Hackfest will actually enthuse folks to contribute to FOSS.

For the participants who applied for accomodation the Hackfest, we had a questionnaire to fill out which was to measure how much a candidate deserved accomodation. We had some entries from folks with Qt fundaes. (Obviously they got their accomodation, while anyone with GTK+ fundaes were immediately dropped :P. Kidding, of course.). The inference is that it is probably not the lack of fundaes that prevents someone from doing FOSS development. It’s just that you have to dive in.

If you require any clarifications, you can call up one of us. Our contacts are inviting spam at and