KDE.IN Monsoon Hackathon – Day 3???

Day 3 was a flop show for me :P.
I got up at 1:00 PM, when the Hackathon was _over_. But, well, that was a slightly well-deserved sleep. I joined the folks from the Hackathon over lunch, just like that. Shashank taught me how to enable his Panaromio plugin, and I think I must investigate it sometime.

Great, so I’ve done nothing today, other than fart on the way to the BIAL (seeing of Pradeepto and Sharan Rao). And I hope to start right away.

Well, I will put a consolidated blogpost about the KDE.IN Monsoon Hackathon and the photos sometime. Unfortunately, I have not been able to capture anyone in an uncomfortable position or doing something funny, and they are straight, honest photos. But before that, I must thank:

  • Atul, for sponsoring the event via GEODESIC and FOSS.IN
  • Tejas, for giving good hacking company, and helping us get comfortable at GEODESIC
  • Pradeepto, for organizing the whole thing.
  • Gopala and Shashank, for being great hacking company
  • Shreyas, for giving us someone to GNOME-bash all through, and for making good company too 🙂

I’d like to have more hackathons. There’re four of us in Bangalore till 17th… so maybe?