KDE.IN Monsoon Hackathon – Day 2

Day 2 turned out to be very productive for me. As you have figured out, my hacking ends only by 3:00 AM, back at home. It’s just that the “spirit” of the Hackathon gets carried home with you, because when you leave a problem half-solved, you have the itch of solving it completely.
I am completely satisfied with today. I’ve made about 8 commits today.

Today, I made some improvements the Conjunction Tool. To think of it, the conjunction tool is a very generic tool – it can do eclipses, lunar occultations, planetary conjunctions and shortly should be able to do comet rendezvous too. Now, those are four different names for the same problem – that of finding the occurances of small separations between objects. I like the conjunction tool all the more, because it was the first feature I added to KStars (with Jason’s help, of course). The changes I made to the conjunction tool:

  • Add Deep Sky Objects and Stars (named) to the conjunction predictions
  • Double click on a conjunction and you see the conjunction happening!
  • Add Comets and Asteroids to the conjunction predictions

Other work that I did, on my GSoC:

  • Test whether the duplication is solving the expected issues with proper motion – things worked beautifully
  • Modify binfiletester to check star data files for jumps in magnitude or other inconsistencies – this revealed a lot of inconsistencies in trixel N000
  • Modify mysql2bin to correct the error causing the inconsistencies, and create/commit the new data files
  • I am also prepared to move deepstars.dat (Tycho-2 Deep Catalog) to the Get Hot New Stuff feature, and have already requested for commit access to GHNS

So, here are my TODOs for tomorrow:

  • Remove restrictions on second object in a conjunction and make it possible to have a comet / asteroid as the second object
  • Implement Jason’s idea of filtering by Ecliptic Longitude
  • Move deepstars.dat to GHNS
  • Merge the summer branch into trunk
  • Start work on the Auxinfo hash??

And as for the rest of us (a brief summary of what everyone else did, from twitter):

  • Gopala “ported NoteWidget to use TextItem classes” (although I don’t know what that means! :P)
  • Pradeepto did some good research on writing unit tests and the Qt test libraries
  • Tejas worked on a rather interesting bug encountered in Kopete, attributed to Qt 😛
  • Shashank made significant progress on his Marble – Panoromio integration. (I could see pics hanging all over the Globe. I’ll probably go and investigate more tomorrow 🙂 )
  • Gopala also ported ActivityWidget
  • Sharan Rao taught us the use of EMacs / KDE EMacs / EMacs + GDB scripts. [Screencasted]. GDB integration rocks bigtime!
  • Tejas quickly learnt to use GDB+Vim!

We had a really nice chat about KDE development, KDE developers, aKademy, Contribution to KDE from India etc. over coffee. Dinner time was more of general talk.

I’m sorry for such a disorganized blogpost, but that’s all I can write at 3:00 AM in such a sleepy state. Goodnight!