KDE.IN Monsoon Hackathon – Day 1

Day 1 was almost entirely spent by me in the following activities:

  • Install Debian on one of the systems Atul had so kindly provided us with. (They have a local Debian mirror, so it rocks!!)
  • Copy the KDE sources from Sharan’s harddisk
  • Play around SSHing into my system
  • Build KDE
  • Discuss about FOSS.IN 2008 and KDE’s place
  • Frantically realise that you’ve done nothing at the end of the day and try to commit something that builds, whether it adds some value or not

I had a nice time being with all the KDE kontributors around. We also had a few talks by Pradeepto, explaining David Faure’s method of setting up the KDE source tree and svnmerge.py.

Other folks did useful things – Pradeepto made a release (of what, I don’t know. Definitely will have to do with KDEPIM or KMail). Tejas commited his Bonjour plugin for Kopete.

I learnt something about Bonjour from Tejas. Nice thing it is. Sharan has agreed to help me use EMacs more like an IDE than like “Notepad”.

Dinner @ Nandini, RMV Extension. Dinner back @ home as well, because I had promised the folks at home.

Although we could only get the stuff building today, the inspiration from the KDE Hackathon got me working all night till now (despite the fact that I need to get to Day 2 tomorrow) fixing some stuff. Finally, it looks like I have “achieved” all my GSoC goals. Anyway, that apart, the proper motion code is tested and found to be proper – that’s a good thing. I finally learnt how KStars draws lines on screen (many thanks to Jason. I’d have been lazy to find out myself :P). I also commited the data files that had the duplicate entries, because they seemed to work without any trouble.

Finally, I thought I must blog about ‘Day 1’. Atul was insisting that we all blog, so here it is :). We are also actively microblogging on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/kdehackathon

Looking forward to Day 2. I hope to:

  • Ensure that binfiletester also verifies sanity of data. That way, I’ll have the ultimate testing tool to receive that catalogs to come. That way, I’ll also get a hint on why KStars is spewing out trixel jump message of late. (Wasn’t doing that before I remodelled the trixel2number and number2trixel code).
  • Random bugfixes for KStars
  • Thankfully, I have access to my phpmyadmin from there 🙂

    BTW, Photos by Kushal are here.