PseudokalpanAswaram in the bathroom

I feel that there is just as much fun in producing music (or probably more) as there is in listening to it. My taste has become more Classical nowadays, but unfortunately my music-producing skills are not very far from the old unpolished-school-level-film-song-keyboardist skills. Somehow I manage to bray pseudocarnatic music on the Bansuri nowadays and am tempted to think that I can manage Mohanam and Hamsadhwani marginally (although my Mohanam anaalaapanais usually contain a lot of nishadams!) nowadays.

Typically, when you start listening to Music, you feel like singing it out as well. So I usually end up trying to sing. My family (including my brother 😮 ) somehow manages to bear me. Nowadays I try to put pseudokalpanAswarams for songs just for fun, and consequently am forced to alter the taaLam to fit the beginning of the sAhityam correctly.

Considering that many murders of beautiful girls shown in movies occur in bathrooms, I usually end up kolepaNNifying beautiful rAgams like varALi and beautiful kRtis like SESAcalanAyakam in the bathroom. I find the bathroom an ideal place for singing, because the reverb and resonance is just ideal! In addition, it somehow becomes very easy to pick a Shruti in the bathroom with a ‘Sa’ that is resonant! I think it is because the sound of water filling in the bucket is a noise containing a lot of random frequencies and the walls of the bathroom amplify, by resonance only certain harmonic frequencies which match the bathroom’s natural frequency. I am not able to justify this, because, going by the idea of cavity radiation, I think I should expect something similar to the Planckian blackbody radiation curve because the bathroom acts like a cavity with “black” walls. Maybe I should spend some time working out these details. I simply love singing in the bathroom for this reason. Thankfully, I need not play the flute (the bamboo flute, and not any other!) in the bathroom, because my room produces enough reverb for the loud flute, of course, when played near the attached bath 😛

The most recent performance involved a pseudokalpanAswaram in “naivavarALi” rAgam. I’m sure the neighbours and street passers-by would be disgusted to have a pseudocarnatic-bathroom-singer next door, but I simply can’t help it.