The find dialog works to my satisfaction, at last!

I used to find the Find Dialog in KStars rather inconvenient. I’d just hit Ctrl+F to fire it, type away “M 97”, hit enter, and it would land me at Andromeda Galaxy instead of Owl Nebula – Because that was the default selected entry in the List View and it would update the list view with the new search filter only after some delay (half a second, I think).

This commit fixes that by keeping track of whether the list has been filtered after the most recent text entry, and ensures that the list is filtered first thing after entering slotOk().

So you can simply hit Ctrl+F, type away the full name (or even a part of the name – Kentaurus landed me at Alpha Centauri 🙂 ) and hit enter, and it’ll slew you to the right object instead of Andromeda Galaxy. I’ve tried to ensure that it is as bug-free as possible.

If you’re running on trunk and have kdeedu compiled, please do test it.

I’ve made 5 commits in 24 hours. This certainly means I need to get a life (and some sleep)!