Our feature made it to the commit digest!

Issue #108 of the KDE commit digest features the Conjunctions tool for KStars.
Of course, the conjunctions tool is still far from what Jason or I want to see in it, and I hope to work in it inbetween my GSoC sometime, somehow!

Actually, much of that interface was ‘stolen’ from the already existing modcalcplanets [The Planets module in the KStars calculator] and modified to run the KSConjunct::findClosestApproach [If I got the name right] method instead of findPosition, and with a list put there. It was done in-between my exam preparation, so I hadn’t done a lot of things. Jason, who reviewed the patch and fixed a few bugs and added some missing features probably did more work than I did.

BTW, I didn’t know there existed something called the commit digest till today, when Jason and Pradeepto pinged me about this!