The Conjunctions Tool – Just in time for KDE 4.1

In the midst of my exams, Jason suddenly posted on the kstars-devel mailing list that the KDE 4.1 Feature Freeze will be on 20th April 2008. I put a night-out on into the early hours of 20th April to finish the frontends for KSConjunct. (Basically, I stole from the UI from the Planet Positions calculator tool). I learnt by then that the freeze was only a soft freeze, and I had to put my feature in the KDE 4.1 feature list. People on #kde-devel told me that the list was world-editable and required no privileges, so I created an account, logged in and put up the feature there. Jason fixed all the bugs and uploaded it very soon.

So it was worth a night out, the feature makes it to KDE 4.1. Unfortunately, the conjunctions tool is the only new feature in the next release of KStars.

There might be a few more bugs in KSConjunct, which I will take a look at in the near future.