KSConjunct – Konjunctions for KStars – Backends

Finally, the code to predict conjunctions is complete and de-bugged. The bug that took so much time to resolve was that I hadn’t called m_Earth -> findPosition(…), i.e. I was trying to compute Geocentric positions of planets without updating the position of the Earth! This swatted, and another bug with LST swatted, the code now works (hopefully).

The code, along with can be found here for the time being. This is the first ‘feature’ I’ve written for KStars, after quite a few small bugfixes that I kontributed so far. It wasn’t as tough as I thought it was!

The frontend still needs to be done, and I don’t know when I’ll find time for that. Currently, it is an open request to all who are enthu about kontributing to help write the interface.

The approaching end semester examinations call for a halt to all other activities, and this might (or might not be, if I’m too tempted to blog about something) be the last blog post for a few days to come.