Yet another concert…

Yes, a blog post after long time.

This time I attended Sangeeta Kalanidhi Prof. T. N. Krishnan’s concert at Hamsadhwani in Indira Nagar on 26th Jan 2008, Republic Day.

He started with Vatapi Ganapathim (Hamsadhwani, M. Deekshitar) as a tribute to Founder Secretary of Hamsadhwani who organized the concert. This was followed by some krtis in kAMbODhi and dhanyAsi, which I am unfamiliar with. The Main piece was nannu pAlimpa (mOhanam, tyAgarAjar). The main piece was followed by various songs to mark the occasion of Republic Day like raghupati rAghava rAjA rAm, vandE mAtaram (dES) and vaiSNo-something (behAg).

Prof T N Krishnan was accompanied by his daughter and disciple Smt. Viji Krishnan Natarajan on the violin, by Thiruvarur M Bhaktavatsalam on the mRdaNgam, and by Vykom Sri Gopalakrishnan on the Ghatam. Needless to say, the taniyAvartanam was marvellous.

The acoustics at Hamsadhwani was the major turnoff.