Compiling KDE from SVN sources…

…is a major pain.

I encountered quite some trouble and still amn’t through.
It looks like a spotted a bug with the detection of Xine libs in Revision 767273 (I guess) on the way, and while I wait for feedback on the bug, I decided to compile without Multimedia support.

We work behind a HTTP Proxy in our institute, which does not permit “svn://…” URLs. So I end up having to torify all SVN checkouts and updates, which makes life even more miserable because the way tor works, it ends up taking ages to transfer even small amounts of data – and the connection keeps cutting off. It’s like downloading KDE4 sources with a dialup connection!

Even as I type this post, I have a torify svn co running in the background. I’m trying to look for help on how we can get the proxy to permit SVN. If anyone knows how to do this, please do leave a comment, and we’ll see if we can request the Computer Center here to implement such a feature.